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Offering Dry Van Transportation Services

Working together, Gray Transportation & Hawkeye Logistics operates in 48 states. Gray Transportation's drivers average 2,800 - 3,200 miles per week and are home on a regular basis. The fleet consists of 140 trucks and 500 trailers, and our fleet is growing every year! Our trucks are reliable, late models to meet our customer's needs as well as our driver's comfort.

Gray Transportation invested in McLeod Software in March of 2017. McLeod is the leading software provider servicing the transportation industry. This software is not only helping Gray become a more efficient carrier, but it is adding value in creating driver friendly applications. The investment in this software will provide Gray Transportation a competitive edge over our competition.

Gray Transportation invested in Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's) in 2014, four years before the FMSCA required mandate. Our previous experience with ELD's will provide Gray and advantage over our competition as our operations and traffic lanes have already adapted to our customers needs. We are 100% ELD Compliant.

Gray Transportation has been an approved SmartWay carrier since 2010. Smartway helps companies identify and select more efficient freight carriers, transport modes, equipment and operational strategies to improve chain sustainability and lower costs from the movement of goods. This reduces freight transportation related emissions by accelerating the use of advanced fuel-saving technologies and is supported by major transportation industry associations, environmental groups, state and local governments, international agencies and the corporate community.

Our investment in the DriveCam program not only helps in reducing our company and our driver's liability but also helps in identifying safety defects that can be corrected before accidents occur. These forward and backward facing cameras will record 12 seconds of video when an abrupt movement with the tractor occurs.

Gray Transportation maintains a Satisfactory Safety Record with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. Gray has a strong partnership with our insurance agent and we identify deficiencies while working while working together to create programs that help us achieve compliance. All of the programs listed above also play a direct role in achieving compliance.

"We at Gray Transportation & Hawkeye Logistics are committed to prompt delivery and excellent customer service."



Please contact Gray Transportation  or call us at 319-234-3930 or 800-234-3930 to get information about our delivery services for about becoming a driverUnloading Truck